Multi use art made in the heart of Central Oregon

  • Reduce Single Use Products

    All Sage & June products that end up in the hands of our customers are fully vetted and guaranteed to have a low environmental impact. From ensuring all blankets are made from recycled products to only handing out wildflower infused compostable business cards we want you to know that every step of the process is with our planet in mind.

  • Repurpose Program

    At Sage & June, being environmentally forward is our main goal. If you are done with your Sage & June blanket, whether it is because it has been well loved or you are ready for a new look we will recycle, resell, or repurpose your old Sage and June on your behalf and give you a $25 coupon towards your next blanket!

    Repurpose and get $25 
  • Ethically Produced

    All Sage & June products are not only cruelty free but we also ensure all blankets and accessories are produced domestically using ethical labor practices. Nothing is worth the pain and suffering of animals and humans and at Sage & June our promise to you is an ethically produced, environmentally friendly piece of art.